What is Polygon bringing to the table?

Benefits of the Polygon chain

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What is Polygon bringing to the table?

At the beginning of 2023, we made a strategic decision to issue the GoC token on Polygon. This step was taken to enhance GoC utility and open doors to new projects and partnerships. All GoC holders will benefit from this recent development as the Polygon blockchain provides numerous exciting benefits. 

Why Polygon?

The Polygon (MATIC) chain is a well-established Layer 2 solution, built on the Ethereum blockchain, which has long been battling its scalability issues. Because of Ethereum’s low throughput (30 transactions per second) and consequently high gas fees, the chain offers limited options to developers and unfriendly transaction costs. 

Many EVM-compatible blockchains are doing their best to tackle these issues and Polygon is one of those protocols that is successfully solving the questions at hand. The proof-of-stake protocol leverages Ethereum technology while offering faster throughput and low, user-friendly gas fees. The security standards remain Ethereum-high. Polygon aims to increase the use of DeFi tools and apps by connecting multiple blockchains together, increasing its reach and usability. The chain is already hosting over 3000 dApps, constantly adding new ones to their list.

GoC on Polygon

Issuing the GoC token on Polygon will create endless possibilities for future token developments. Users of GoC MATIC will be able to enjoy fast transactions with low gas fees plus numerous DeFi possibilities in the future. On the business side, GoCrypto will be able to enter new and exciting collaborations and further build the global payment infrastructure with renowned and trustworthy partners.

Once GoC gets issued on Polygon, we plan to open a liquidity pool on Uniswap as well to enable GoC trading in the biggest decentralized exchange in the world.

With GoCrypto 2.0 decentralized payment protocol just around the corner, the GoC token is becoming stronger by the minute. Its core tokenomics will soon be upgraded with additional utility attracting new holders and projects. New blockchains are strengthening the foundation of GoC token and improving its role in the crypto community worldwide. 

Polygon, Uniswap… What's next?

New year, new opportunities! Our team decided to start the year strong. We are building the brand both on the token and the product side, so stay tuned, because things are about to get interesting! Polygon and Uniswap are just the beginning…

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What is Polygon bringing to the table?
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