GoCrypto is advancing into NAKA

NAKA announcement

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GoCrypto is advancing into NAKA

Dear GoCrypto Community,

We embarked on this bold journey nearly six years ago, during a time when resilience was our greatest asset. To survive the harsh market conditions of that era, we had to develop thick skin. As time passed, our skin grew even thicker, and as a company, we grew stronger. Now, as our metaphorical elephant has matured and gained immense strength, we believe it is time for the next step—a step that has always been clear to us: to bring financial freedom to every soul, to dismantle the barriers of financial exclusion, and to forge a world where money truly belongs to the people.

With immense pride, we declare, "GoCrypto is advancing into NAKA."

As NAKA, we are embarking on a new chapter, offering a diverse range of financial services aimed at decentralizing finances and extending financial freedom and inclusion to all.

Since our inception in 2017, we have been pioneers in the realm of crypto payments, revolutionizing the way merchants interact with the future of transactions. Our journey commenced with the creation of a secure and user-friendly crypto payment gateway, designed to empower merchants across the globe. Through this gateway, we have provided seamless access to the extensive ecosystem of crypto enthusiasts while simultaneously reducing transaction costs. Today, we proudly stand as the world's largest provider of cryptocurrency payments for brick-and-mortar stores, with a presence spanning 72 countries and thousands of locations.

However, our mission was never limited to mere transactions; it was about building a bridge between the worlds of traditional finance and the future. Our vision aimed to simplify, unify, and grant merchants the keys to a frictionless world of possibilities. Decentralized payments became our guiding star, empowering individuals to truly own their money, free from the grip of intermediaries.

We take immense pride in sharing that these aspirations have evolved into reality. Through remarkable projects, unwavering determination, invaluable partnerships, and the unwavering support of an incredible community, we have transformed our vision into a tangible, transformative force.

Now, as we stand at this pivotal crossroads, we eagerly embrace a new identity as NAKA. This transition signifies more than a mere rebrand—it is a bold stride toward our elevated mission. NAKA is poised to elevate the concept of decentralized payments to new heights, catering to those who stand to benefit the most from our vision.

In addition to our point-of-sale solution, we are introducing the NAKA payment scheme and the groundbreaking NAKA card, the world's first payment card connected to your non-custodial wallet (initially supporting MetaMask) working without intermediaries. 

With our utmost respect,

The NAKA Team

GoCrypto is advancing into NAKA
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