Welcome To The World Of Crypto Payments!

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Welcome To The World Of Crypto Payments!

The fast-paced fintech industry is introducing new and emerging payment methods at an unprecedented speed. The world is moving into full digitalization where security, reliability, and speed are of key importance. Cryptocurrency is providing just that - a secure and reliable world of payment stopped up with full transparency, full-time accessibility, and financial freedom.

Not too long ago the mere idea of it seemed intangible, but as we speak GoCrypto, and its partners are building real-life user-friendly Bitcoin Cities around the globe. 

Which problems is crypto solving?

To get a clear insight into the role crypto will be playing in the financial industry, one must first understand the current market situation. We live in a world led by powerful financial institutions with strong roots intertwined into the very foundation of our society. These players have been dominating the world of payments forever and have successfully brought their services into households around the world. Their star of the show - the payment card - has made everyday spending more secure, easier, and faster. The things that make our lives easier are the ones we get the most dependent on and we rarely stop and think about how they are controlling our reality. 

Developed countries have built a strong network of banking services, offering their citizens and businesses access to bank accounts, credit and debit cards, loans, and much more. They leave little room for the competition which means all their clients end up agreeing to their terms of doing business simply because an alternative does not exist. This is where crypto comes in, offering an alternative way of managing one’s finances. Lower fees, 24/7 accessibility, 100% transparency, and a rapidly growing customer base of crypto holders.

On the other hand, numerous countries around the globe are still mainly unbanked. This means their residents do not have access to the traditional banking system. To top it off, their national currencies often experience high inflation which paralyses the entire nation economy. Here crypto payments play a different role - they substitute the non-existing banking sector and give people and businesses the chance to maintain the value of their savings, send and receive funds across the borders and experience true financial freedom regardless of their country’s political and economical situation. 

The magic behind crypto payments

To bring crypto payments to the mainstream, we needed to devise a solution that would fit seamlessly into the traditional payment sector. Something simple and straightforward that every merchant could use. No training or crypto knowledge needed. Just like accepting card payments. We constructed a payment gateway which processes cryptocurrency payments instantly and settles the merchants in crypto or fiat - whichever they prefer. The entire process is completely regulated and secure. 

The GoCrypto solution serves as foundation for an unlimited number of payment processing products. From pure crypto payment solutions to all-in-one payment services accepting card, digital and crypto payments on one point-of-sales. Our payment gateway can easily be integrated into cash registers, POS terminals, eCommerce platforms or even white-labelled to best fit the needs of any business. You name it, we got it. 

The magic behind our products is that we can adapt the system to any wallet, any cryptocurrency, and any device. This makes our solution the fastest and most reliable way of integrating crypto payments into your line of business today. 

Stronger together

Spreading crypto adoption is a slow and daunting task. Disbelievers and scammers slow good projects down and make the journey more difficult, but at the end empower us to make an even bigger mark, overcoming the obstacles and reaching the goal in a transparent and regulated way. 

The right partnerships are the key to success. Our team wants to unite the crypto space by striking deals with prominent, trustworthy partners that share the same mindset as us - giving the people the chance to choose their financial freedom. 

Partners like Global Payments, with whom we were able to bring crypto payments to Prague, Binance, that helped us transform the Primavera Sound into the biggest crypto festival so far, or the Plan ₿ project, which set the crypto space on fire by transforming Lugano into a European crypto haven, make our story even grander. 

GoCrypto is powering 70 countries around the globe, crypto-friendly metropolises, and thousands of merchants accepting cryptocurrency payments on a daily basis…and let us not forget crypto payments in McDonald’s! 

What could be bigger than that? Stick around and you will see.

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Welcome To The World Of Crypto Payments!
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