Switchio and GoCrypto: A Powerful Partnership in Seamless Electronic Payment Solutions

Streamlining card payments in Switzerland and Benelux

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Switchio and GoCrypto: A Powerful Partnership in Seamless Electronic Payment Solutions

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Switchio, a leading software platform for seamless electronic payments. Together, we are revolutionizing the way businesses and consumers engage with secure and hassle-free payment solutions.

Switchio has an impressive track record, managing thousands payment terminals and processing hundreds of thousands of transactions daily. With a global reach spanning Europe, Central America, and West Africa, their 300+ digital technology specialists offer a wide range of POS devices, payment methods, and acquirer connections. Switchio is at the forefront of payment processing, delivering millions of payments across various sectors monthly.

Security and compliance are top priorities for Switchio. Their payment platform is certified by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), and they are proud members of the Electronic Money Association and the Emerging Payments Association. This aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing safe and reliable payment solutions to our users.

One device, multiple payment methods

At GoCrypto, our holistic payment solution empowers merchants to handle multiple payment methods effortlessly. With our cutting-edge technology, our versatile POS terminal, cash register, or mobile device software can seamlessly process card, digital, cryptocurrency, and BNPL payments.

The GoCrypto payment software stands out with its adaptability to the ever-changing payment landscape. We continuously update the software to include new and trending payment methods, allowing merchants to tailor their offerings to their preferences and target audience.

Our internal GoCrypto payment network ensures swift and secure crypto payment processing, settling transactions into merchant accounts. For card and digital payments, we collaborate with trusted entities within the payment processing chain, ensuring a seamless and reliable experience.

Partnering with Switchio is a significant milestone for GoCrypto as we strive to revolutionize the global payment solutions industry. Our collaboration will optimize the card payment process and enhance the payment experience for our clients while lowering costs for service providers.

Integration of MONET+ into GoCrypto POS infrastructure

As we integrate Switchio's MONET+ application into our GoCrypto holistic POS infrastructure, we expand our capabilities to support card payments in Switzerland, Benelux, and future regions. This integration streamlines the card payment process, further solidifying our commitment to delivering seamless and secure payment solutions to businesses and consumers worldwide.

The partnership between GoCrypto and Switchio represents a significant step towards our shared goal of revolutionizing the world of electronic payments. Together, we will continue to innovate and push boundaries, unlocking endless possibilities for businesses and consumers alike.

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Switchio and GoCrypto: A Powerful Partnership in Seamless Electronic Payment Solutions
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