Streamlining Operations: Finaro's Card Processing Enhances GoCrypto's Holistic Payments

Empowering Seamless Payment Experiences

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Streamlining Operations: Finaro's Card Processing Enhances GoCrypto's Holistic Payments

Our partnership with Finaro, a leading global cross-border payment provider, aims to reshape the way businesses process transactions by offering comprehensive payment options. Let’s delve into the details of this collaboration, highlighting Finaro's support for card payments in various markets, and how the GoCrypto holistic infrastructure will revolutionize the customer experience.

Support for Card Payments in New Markets

Finaro, formerly known as Credorax, is a  cross-border payment provider and fully licensed bank empowering international commerce through payments. The company underwent a rebranding process to realign its core values as a payment provider and merchant partner. Subsequently, the company announced its intention to be acquired by Shift4, led by Jared Isaacman, for $575 million. This strategic acquisition aims to enhance the capabilities of both companies in offering a comprehensive global payment solution to merchants.

As Finaro achieved significant milestones, including the appointment of key senior personnel and processing transactions for more than 5,000 merchants, its expertise in cross-border payments and acquiring services became evident. This expertise led to a fruitful collaboration with GoCrypto, aimed at transforming the payment landscape and providing seamless experiences for businesses and customers.

Leveraging their extensive network and specialized expertise, Finaro aims to enhance the holistic infrastructure of GoCrypto by enabling seamless card transactions in Switzerland, Benelux, and other future markets. This collaboration provides businesses in the mentioned regions with the opportunity to broaden their customer base and drive revenue growth.

GoCrypto's Holistic Point of Sale Infrastructure 

GoCrypto's holistic point-of-sale infrastructure is the cornerstone of this partnership. Merchants utilizing GoCrypto's infrastructure will benefit from having multiple payment methods, including card, crypto, digital, and Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), all seamlessly integrated into one device. This consolidation eliminates the need for multiple payment terminals, simplifying the checkout process and reducing complexity. Ultimately, this creates an unparalleled customer experience, where individuals can choose their preferred payment method without any hassle.

A Promising Partnership for the Future 

Our partnership with Finaro marks an exciting milestone in the payment industry. By joining forces, we are poised to revolutionize payment solutions and create an exceptional experience for businesses and customers alike. With Finaro's support for card payments and GoCrypto's holistic point-of-sale infrastructure, merchants can consolidate multiple payment methods onto a single device, simplifying operations and optimizing the customer journey. The collaboration holds tremendous promise, and we eagerly anticipate the future advancements that will shape the payment landscape.

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Streamlining Operations: Finaro's Card Processing Enhances GoCrypto's Holistic Payments
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