Q2 Report: Enduring The Bear Market Like A Real Elephant!

Our company’s goal is to mainstream crypto payments

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Q2 Report: Enduring The Bear Market Like A Real Elephant!

The last three months have flown by us extremely fast. As we are writing the Q2 report amidst these turbulent crypto-times, we are standing tall, stronger than ever before. We focused our second quarter of 2022 on company restructuring, successfully finding our way back to our core mission, as well as multiple major projects and collaborations that brought the world one step closer to mass crypto adoption. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what we’ve accomplished in Q2.

First things first, let’s establish our identity. It may seem odd that we still need to discuss such topics after all these years, but our devoted supporters understand the necessity. As you know, our company’s goal is to mainstream crypto payments. We want all users to be able to use cryptocurrency to make payments just like you do now with cash or a credit card, wherever. And even though we were told this was impossible from the beginning, we persisted.

POS integration was initially the main barrier to entry. So we decided to build our own POS, and Elly POS was created as a result. The goal was to demonstrate to everyone that the POS is not a barrier and that a smart POS can be designed to accommodate all new payment methods. As you are aware, we expanded beyond cryptocurrency and created a state-of-the-art device by integrating all forms of payment. We opened our 1000th site with Elly POS at Hot Horse, Slovenia, in May this year, and for us, the proof of concept was complete. Our endeavor proved to the world that POS is not a bottleneck. Elly POS operates flawlessly and represents future infrastructure in the retail industry.

Once we achieved our goal in regards to POS, we decided on a big executive decision — we wanted to focus on our primary mission — to bring crypto to the mainstream. As you know we are a team of crypto experts, but a lot of our focus was devoted to POS, so we decided we are moving 100% of our capacities to crypto. Hence, as of May this year Elly POS is exclusively led by our great team at Lab4Pay, our sister company, and everyone in Eligma is focusing their time and knowledge on the GoCrypto project!

We anticipated all financial aspects of our move, especially the market situation and all the latest changes to the crypto scene, which is why Bear doesn’t scare GoCrypto! The team has been working even harder than before to accomplish all of our goals as a result of the increased enthusiasm we have experienced over the previous few months. And in just two months, we accomplished many incredible things.

Primavera Sound with Binance Pay

GoCrypto, the global crypto payment facilitator, and Binance, the world’s biggest crypto exchange, and by joining forces we constructed a one-of-a-kind crypto payment ecosystem that enabled Primavera visitors to pay for food, drinks, and other merchandise in crypto. The crypto solution was available on several stages spread across the Parc del Fòrum (Barcelona) and the Parque da Cidade (Porto). You will soon witness more of our cooperative efforts with Binance to enable cryptocurrency payments at events. This initiative was just the beginning. It was difficult and exciting all at once. We have learned a lot and are happy with this project because it gave us numerous opportunities and, most importantly, brought cryptocurrency payments to new locations.

Ariva Digital in Dubai

We have partnered up with Ariva Digital, the next-generation blockchain-based platform for the travel and tourism industry. Its Ariva.World platform is a travel and tourism network that connects travelers with tourism service providers offering ticket and accommodation bookings as well as an online shop — all accepting cryptocurrencies. One of its features is also a travel review blog which rewards its authors’ contributions with crypto.

With GoCrypto integration, it will support two of the biggest crypto wallets in the world, Binance Pay and Bitcoin.com Wallet, as well as GoCrypto’s own Elly Wallet. Ariva.World has opened its virtual doors to additional 40+ million crypto holders who will be able to pay for their vacation and other available services in more than 50 different cryptocurrencies from anywhere in the world.

Transport payments in Prague with GP

The city of Prague has made crypto payments official.

Global Payments and GoCrypto made a huge step forward by introducing crypto payments in the Czech public transport services. Foreign and local visitors can now pay for their Tram tickets with crypto via the GP tom app. They can select one of the three supported crypto wallets: Binance Pay, Bitcoin.com Wallet, and Elly Wallet, and choose between 50+ cryptocurrencies. European public services accepting crypto is an important sign of mass crypto adoption.

GoCrypto is building its office in the metaverse

Metaverses are all the hype these days. And it swept us away as well. We are excited to set up GoCrypto’s first metaverse offices in the 21 stories high virtual skyscraper, better known as Bloktopia. Bloktopia focuses on four main pillars “Learn, Earn, Play and Create”, thus realizing a vision of a crypto hub where anyone can find relevant content regardless of their level of crypto knowledge. We can’t wait to have you visit our Bloktopian offices, where you’ll be able to participate in a first-of-its-kind VR experience that will connect crypto users in a compelling and immersive setting.

Crypto payments for all GLS packages

Did you ever wonder how easy it would be to have fast delivery with easy crypto payment? No worries, we’ve got you covered! GLS now accepts crypto payments via GoCrypto for all on-site deliveries. We support two of the biggest crypto wallets in the world, Binance Pay and Bitcoin.com Wallet, as well as GoCrypto’s own Elly Wallet, and the users can pay with more than 50 different cryptocurrencies.

Trnovo Golf Tournament with crypto

We have sponsored a golf event and facilitated crypto payments for all visitors. Let’s see if crypto payment integration is easier than playing golf. The tournament was a part of our collaboration with Kriptovalute.si. We strongly believe that crypto companies need to work together to strengthen the crypto community. By co-sponsoring the golf tournament, we were able to nurture relationships with our numerous friends in the crypto space and show the world just how easy it is to enable crypto payments at new merchant locations.

GoC is staking on RBX

The GoC token staking is now live on RBX Launcher! Participants can choose between three staking pools: Stake GoC, earn GoC, Stake RBX, earn GoC, or Stake GoC/BNB, earn GoC LP.

GoC got listed on RadioShack

The 100-year-old brand RadioShack is deeply ingrained in the collective consciousness, and they are working to pave the road for other major companies to adopt blockchain technology. In July this year, GoC was listed on RadioShack, and now can be traded there. Just like GoCrypto, RadioShack is on a mission to spread crypto adoption and educate crypto users and business owners about blockchain and cryptocurrency.

GoC Verse DEX listings

GoC smartBCH starts trading on Verse DEX at the beginning of May.


Our crew has participated in numerous events over the last few months. However, Money 2020 and TMRW conference, where our CEO Dejan Roljić has been asked to speak about GoCrypto and the steps we will need to take moving forward to promote crypto adoption, are the main events for us. In addition, we took part in a regional conference in Montenegro and spoke about the steps we made to make Slovenia the top-ranked European country for crypto-friendly travel.

Dejan Roljić is the Rising PayTech Star of 2022!

And as a cherry on top, the prestigious PayTech Awards recognized our CEO Dejan Roljić, as the Rising PayTech Star 2022! The ceremony took place on Friday, July 1st at the Merchant Taylors’ Hall in London, and the room was full of extraordinary minds pioneering the future of finances.

Dejan Roljić is a true leader and a FinTech visionary but in his essence an honest and humble person and first and foremost a part of the GoCrypto Team. He always makes sure that his team and the community come first.

This makes us extremely proud!

Changes to Social Media Platforms

As we now solely focus on our crypto business, we need to share some changes that happened to our social profiles. As of this month, you will be able to follow two products: the GoCrypto payment network and our dearest $GoC token. To make sure you are at the right place here are the links:







$GoC Token




Closing note

The last three months will serve as an important foundation for our Q3 projects which will be among the biggest in GoCrypto’s history. Our plans for the following months are extremely ambitious and we are anxious to share all of them with you. We are confident that you will like the things to come, just as you adored everything up to this point.

As a conclusion to this report, we would like to express our gratitude to all of you, our dear community, who have supported us and given us the confidence to know that we can succeed. You form the foundation of this network!

More than ever before, we are the elephant in the room. Standing strong, thickening our skin to endure the hard times to come. Continuing our journey, making strategic steps toward the goal, and protecting and strengthening our community on the way. The future is ours!

See you on our new platforms!

Yours truly, the GoCrypto team!

Q2 Report: Enduring The Bear Market Like A Real Elephant!
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