No child left behind, let's bring gifts to everyone

GoCrypto and Truhoma working together to provide care packages to families in need

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No child left behind, let's bring gifts to everyone

The upcoming holidays tend to bring out the best in people, the chance to be thankful for everything life has to offer and to give back as much as we can. While the stores are covered in Christmas lights and decorations and people are searching for that perfect gift, we must not forget that for some these colorful lights shine a little less brightly. For some families, who are struggling to provide food on the table, the holiday season can often deepen their pain. 

This December, our beloved partner Truhoma inspired us with all the good they have been doing throughout the year, so we decided to join forces with them to provide families in need with care packages in hopes that they will brighten their winter days. 

We welcome you to join our cause and donate through the Truhoma blockchain platform in your local currency or in crypto. Every cent counts! And with Truhoma’s 100% transparency, traceability and effectiveness, you’ll know exactly where it went.

If we peaked your interest, read on and see how easy it is to share kindness and love! 

Care packages for families in need

Truhoma’s approach is to collect online donations and send them out to families in need in the form of care packages. Each package is worth 40 EUR and contains basic food supplies. 

Individuals and businesses can choose to donate via card payments, bank transfers or crypto payments, powered by the GoCrypto eCommerce solution.

The entire donation sum is directed into package supplies while all other activities related to the delivery process are done pro bono. Truhoma collaborates with DS Smith who provides them with quality packaging materials, Davidov hram arranges the individual items and takes care of the packaging process and GLS collects and delivers the packages to their recipients. An amazing and inspiring collaboration!

How do I donate?

Donations through Truhoma platform are simple and instant. 

  1. Open the GoCrypto project “No child left behind, let’s bring gifts to everyone”
  1. Select your donation amount. The minimum donation amount is 1 EUR and the maximum amount is the value of the selected donation project. 

Once you click Donate, select Proceed to checkout In the bottom right corner.

  1. Select if you want to register a new account, use an existing one or donate as a guest. If you decide to register, you will need to provide some basic personal information 
  1. Select your preferred payment method (card payment, bank transfer or crypto payment) and continue with the payment process. 

Track your donation

What makes Truhoma a revolutionary charity platform is its fully transparent, traceable and efficient approach to donations. Once you donate your funds, you receive a unique donation number and can track your donation through your account, Truhoma’s Donation Tracker or blockchain. 

Registered donors get access to their own dashboard view where they can follow all their donations while guest donors track their donation through a donation number that is sent to their email and telephone.

Are you ready to give back?

December is full of wonderful projects that aim to give back to society in different kinds of ways. It’s the time when people open their hearts the most and reach out to their loved ones and strangers alike. Through partnering with Truhoma we want to promote 100% transparency that blockchain so efficiently provides and that both GoCrypto and Trhuoma want to spread across the globe.   

Join us on our mission in helping families find some peace of mind during this winter and experience the power of blockchain - in payments and philanthropy. 

Visit our project “No child left behind, let's bring gifts to everyone”, donate in fiat or crypto and see for yourself how your kindness travels to its final destination. 

Open your heart and enjoy the holiday spirit!

About Truhoma

Truhoma (true and honest mankind) is a non-profit organization, launched in November 2021 in Slovenia with headquarters in San Jose, California, USA. Truhoma disrupts, transforms and digitalizes current philanthropic processes which are, unfortunately, not transparent and trustworthy. Therefore, Truhoma is using innovative technologies to bring our standards to all segments of philanthropy: 100% transparency, traceability and efficiency. One of the key product features is the Donation Tracker on the blockchain (available at Track every donation | TRUHOMA), where anyone can track donations from initial payment to the actual delivery confirmation.

Truhoma’s platform ( is a marketplace where people in need and organizations can request help in the form of care packages with food, cleaning, hygiene and baby products. Donors finance the purchase of these care packages that are delivered directly to the people in need by our partnered merchant and logistic partners. All money received from donations is spent on the purchase and delivery of care packages in 100%. Every key aspect of the donation process is recorded on the blockchain, proving 100% transparency that is our most important value.

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No child left behind, let's bring gifts to everyone
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