Maximizing Results with Minimal Effort: White Label Your Crypto Payment Solution

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Maximizing Results with Minimal Effort: White Label Your Crypto Payment Solution

In today's fast-paced business environment, it's crucial to offer modern and convenient payment options to customers. However, creating a payment system from scratch can be costly and time-consuming. The good news is that you can provide cutting-edge payment technology to your consumers without breaking the bank by white labeling an existing crypto payment system.

What is white labeling, and how does it work?

White labeling is a business practice where a company produces a product or service and allows another company to rebrand it as its own and sell it. This arrangement benefits both parties involved: the company providing the white labeling service can offer the product or service without developing it themselves, while the company that uses the white labeling service can market and sell it under its own brand without incurring significant expenses in R&D, production, or logistics. Ultimately, white labeling is an effective strategy that allows businesses to quickly and easily diversify their offerings while reducing operational costs and expanding their customer base.

GoCrypto offers a white labeling service for its wide range of POS or eCommerce payment solutions, from a holistic payment system that covers multiple payment methods from one single platform to custom-designed crypto payments

Who benefits the most from our white labeling services?

GoCrypto offers comprehensive white labeling services and customizable, secure point-of-sale and eCommerce payment solutions to payment service providers, independent sales organizations, banks, large corporations, payment facilitators, and others looking to include a payment solution in their existing business offer. By introducing our payment services under their own brand, they can extend their payment services to their customers while saving time and resources.

Our point-of-sale software can be configured to support any payment method, fiat or cryptocurrency, blockchain, wallet, gateway, and more. The app is designed to be dynamic and adjusts its behavior based on the activated payment features and value-added services set for each client.

Here are the top three advantages of white labeling:

  1. Cost-effective: By white labeling a good or service, businesses can save money and resources that would otherwise be needed to create and manufacture their own remedy. As a result, companies may be able to launch new goods or services with little financial outlay.
  2. Brand recognition: By providing goods and services under their own brand name, businesses can develop their brand identification in the market through white labeling. Brand awareness, client loyalty, and customer trust may all increase as a result.
  3. Time-saving: White labeling enables companies to launch new goods and services quickly and effectively without having to spend time and money creating them from scratch.

Our white label solutions

Bitfinex Pay

The Bitfinex Pay POS terminal was designed within the scope of Lugano’s Plan ₿, a joint initiative by the City of Lugano and Tether. The two partners joined our team to develop a white-label payment solution that would enable Lugano merchants to accept crypto payments in-store across Lugano. 

We have developed a crypto-friendly POS that supports payments with Bitcoin on Lightning, Tether on Polygon, and the city’s native LVGA token. Customers can already spend their crypto and benefit from a cashback program at more than 200 locations, with the goal of reaching more than 2,000 stores in the years to come.

Lugano’s Plan ₿ merchants can choose between instant settlements in crypto and periodic settlements in Swiss francs. They have access to GoCrypto’s analytical dashboard tool for a complete overview of transactions and can benefit from our support at any given moment.

“At Bitfinex Pay, we’re pleased to have been chosen as the payment platform used by GoCrypto as part of Lugano’s Plan B initiative. Our collaboration has allowed GoCrypto to reach hundreds of merchants and thousands of customers, delivering a great payment product. With a seamless UI and using Bitfinex Pay as the powerful backend payment processing system, we will enable them to scale and further their goal of enabling crypto payment solutions globally.” - BitFinex Pay 


GLS, one of the largest parcel service providers, is offering its clients a white-labeled product, called GLS Pay. GLS Pay is an all-in-one payment solution, supporting card, crypto, and digital payments from a single platform. The solution is extended to GLS delivery services, making it a truly comprehensive logistic system. 

"At GLS, we are constantly working on development, even in areas that are traditionally not within our domain. Lab4Pay and GoCrypto helped us develop GLSPay, which was aimed at strengthening our competitive position in the market and providing our users with easy and affordable payment solutions. The team approached the challenge professionally and efficiently, and we are extremely satisfied with the result." - GLS 


EllyPOS is a white-label solution, distributed in the Slovenian market by Lab4Pay. The point-of-sale solution supports card, crypto, and digital payments and is available for brick-and-mortar as well as online stores. Merchants using EllyPOS can opt for any of the supported payment methods and numerous value-added services, like tipping, crypto exchange, and more. 

The payment service is spread across the entire country, covering more than 1700 locations. 

"It has been two years since we officially launched EllyPOS. Since then, the EllyPOS brand has gained wide recognition and is known for its high quality and stability in the Slovenian market. Its benefits have not only been noticed by SMEs but also by larger corporations. Companies across the country see the EllyPOS terminal as an opportunity to grow, modernize their payment infrastructure, and bring simplicity to their everyday workflow." – Lab4Pay

Maximizing your results

This white-labeling approach offers a smart and cost-effective way for businesses to expand their product lines and remain competitive in the market. 

White labeling is a business practice that benefits providers and clients alike by allowing for the promotion and delivery of valuable products and services under a trusted, established brand. At GoCrypto, we offer comprehensive white-labeling services for our customizable, secure point-of-sale and eCommerce payment solutions to all who seek to diversify their offerings and extend their payment services to customers. Our advanced, dynamic software solutions enable our clients to provide their own branded payment services with ease, making it easier than ever for businesses to expand their customer base and lower their operational costs.

If you are interested in the GoCrypto white-label solution, contact our business development team and gain valuable insight into white-labeling possibilities.

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Maximizing Results with Minimal Effort: White Label Your Crypto Payment Solution
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