Last Minute Christmas Crypto Gifts

Still searching for the perfect gift?

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Last Minute Christmas Crypto Gifts

Searching for that last minute Christmas gift? If your friends and family love crypto like we do, then keep on reading. We have prepared a list of top 5 Christmas crypto gifts that will bring your loved ones joy and wealth in the upcoming year. 

Here is our list of the top 5 Christmas crypto gifts this season:

  • GoC token 

The GoC token is a lifetime investment that keeps on giving. This year send your loved ones some GoC tokens to their Elly Wallets. Let them decide if they want to hold it, stake it or spend it in one of the 2900 stores around the world. 

And don’t forget, the GoC token is a multichain utility token issued on the Bitcoin Cash (SLP) blockchain, Smart Bitcoin Cash (smartBCH), and BNB Smart Chain (BSC). It is used for payments on the GoCrypto platform and in the scope of our tokenback program. Users of our Elly Wallet can use GoC for shopping at physical and online stores; in selected countries, they can receive a tokenback reward for every purchase. The token will play an important role in the upcoming GoCrypto 2.0 decentralized payments protocol as a governance token.

  • Hardware wallet

Make sure your family’s funds are safe and invest in a hardware wallet. This is the safest way to store crypto as it prevents any kind of tampering with your assets. There are many hardware wallets to choose from - at the time of writing, Ledger and Trezor are among the most user-friendly solutions. There is just one important thing to keep in mind when buying a hardware wallet - never buy a used device! Always buy your hardware wallet from an official distributor to avoid any kind of fraud. 

  • Course on crypto

This Christmas, why not give your close ones the gift of knowledge? No, seriously, there are many useful online cryptocurrency courses that will equip your friends and family with all the information they need to start the New Year with a bang. Knowledge is the best path to financial independence, so select the best rated crypto learning course and sign your loved ones up today. 

  • NFT

The year of 2022 was the year of NFTs so why not make your last gift of 2022 a non-fungible one. If you are giving a present to someone who loves unique artifacts, then search through a wide variety of art, collectible, music, sports, utility and other tokens on one of the many NFT platforms. 

  • Bitcoin Standard book

The winter evenings give us the perfect excuse to cozy up in our favorite chair and enjoy a good read. Make sure your loved ones broaden their horizons and gain precious knowledge about the future of the economy by gifting them with the Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking by Saifedean Ammous. The author provides an in-depth historical overview of money, explaining how individual technologies gained monetary roles and their benefits to the economy. The historical analysis helps to understand the mechanics of the operation of Bitcoin, the reasons for its initial success, and its potential role in an information economy. The book has been translated in more than 30 languages and is available as a printed version or an audiobook.

Only one thing left to do… relax and enjoy Christmas!

The gifts are wrapped, stashed under the virtual or real-life Christmas tree and there is only one thing left to do now. Enjoy the holidays! Make sure you take the most out of the upcoming days. Cherish the time with your friends and family, indulge in delicious holiday food, mulled wine included, of course. Take your time to reflect on all that you are grateful for in life. After all, that’s what these holidays are all about. 

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Last Minute Christmas Crypto Gifts
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