Introducing the new and improved Manager 2.0

New features taking your business to the next level

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Introducing the new and improved Manager 2.0

The upgraded merchant dashboard Manager 2.0 is finally here and it boasts a set of wonderful new features that will help you bring your business to the next level.

One tool for all your products

We have merged Elly Manager and GoCrypto Manager into one comprehensive analytical tool which enables our merchants to overview payment data of all their companies and stores. No matter if they are using the GoCrypto POS system, Elly POS terminal or any of the white-labeled solutions, the new Manager gives them access to advanced real-time reporting with single log-in credentials.

Advanced overview and analytics 

Understanding payment history and analytics can improve your business flow and increase your revenue. This is why we have designed Manager 2.0 with an advanced set of analytical tools which offer an in-depth overview of all payments and payouts. 

The new dashboard now also includes: 

  • Transaction volume comparison: Merchants can compare transaction volumes to the past and see their progress.
  • Payment method percentage: Extended overview per each payment method, including data for each card type, digital payment and crypto. 
  • Average purchase value: Supporting a timeframe filter with a percentage and trend graph.
  • Transactions heatmap: The dashboard also displays a monthly heatmap of transactions in order to clearly see good/bad business days that can help make significantly important business decisions.

The system enables advanced filtering by company, store, individual terminal and timeframe. All reports can easily be exported.

Updated billing section

Payouts and billing can be filtered by time and by payment method. Merchants can access reports for withdrawn cryptocurrency (if they selected crypto settlement for payments made through GoCrypto payment method), and will soon be able to access settlement reports of individual payment methods. 

The payment history section includes an advanced filter for exporting specific reports, simplifying accounting significantly.

User-friendly interface

We optimized the Company profile section to better fit individual products. Merchants can access contracts, terms of use and updates. The section also offers enablement of additional services or payment methods, which immediately activates the back office team response. 

Manager 2.0 has an improved quick actions option which creates a better overview of the most used dashboard features. We also optimized the user interface for mobile devices to make the entire user experience even better. To top it off, the tool also includes a live chat support offering our clients immediate assistance. 

Free access

The Manager dashboard is a holistic tool that enables management and overview of business finances, accessible to all our merchants. They receive access to our Manager for free once they onboard any of the GoCrypto products. The upgraded version Manager 2.0 will be automatically available to all our existing merchants.

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Introducing the new and improved Manager 2.0
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