Introducing Crypto Payments Into Slovenian Real Estate

Real estate is one of those industries pioneering its way into full blockchain adoption

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Introducing Crypto Payments Into Slovenian Real Estate

Blockchain technology is not limited to cryptocurrency trading. In fact, it has been widely embraced by multiple fields, where transparency, speed, and peer-to-peer approach are of key importance. Real estate is one of those industries pioneering its way into full blockchain adoption.

Real estate and crypto according to the forward-thinking

We are excited to announce that Slovenian real estate agencies are following the latest payment trends and expanding their services into blockchain solutions as well. Lunar nepremičnine, a family owned real estate agency, stood out from the competition by making its first steps toward crypto payments adoption. They decided to integrate the GoCrypto payment network, to introduce crypto payments to their forward-thinking clientele. 

“Our agency is built on tradition, over 20 years of experience and a personal approach that guarantees a higher level of trust,” explains Luka Grbac. “But while we honor the established ways of doing business we want to make sure to future-proof our agency and stay in touch with novelties and innovation in our field of work.” 

Joining the cause

The Lunar nepremičnine agency has clearly done its research, as crypto payments are getting more and more traction in everyday situations. Thanks to solutions like GoCrypto, customers can now pay for coffee, tech gadgets and even cars with their crypto assets. The trending payment method is especially popular when it comes to high-value purchases as they bypass the usual intermediary – the bank. This makes them faster and less expensive. 

If we look at property purchase cases, the entire process tends to be quite lengthy. Closing a purchase usually involves an escrow service that safeguards all parties involved. The process is slowed down by pages and pages of documents and signatures needed, third party checks, working hours and other security measures. 

GoCrypto can process high-value transactions without any bank intervention. Businesses providing GoCrypto services have passed their Know Your Customer (KYC) check at the onboarding stage. On the other hand, clients who wish to pay larger sums in crypto need to pass a KYC check through the GoCrypto system. Once they successfully pass the check, the transaction can take place. By avoiding all middlemen, the final transaction sum tends to be significantly lower than the ones in traditional real estate services. Closing purchases through GoCrypto is faster and more user-friendly, while still complying with all regulatory aspects of the financial and real estate industry.

A solution tailored to its clients

The Lunar nepremičnine agency experienced its first property crypto purchase abroad. Recognizing the potential, they partnered up with the fastest-growing crypto payment network in the world. “We contacted a company that allows both small and large companies to receive cryptocurrencies as payment. We looked into the matter and came to the conclusion that receiving commissions for a real estate agent can be a big plus. The service is bullet-proof and legal from the taxation point of view, the payment is processed much faster, without a third party and what is more, it is safer,” explained the real estate entrepreneur. 

Research shows that most business owners worry about the crypto market volatility, which is why GoCrypto developed its solution to offer settlements in local currencies as well, giving its clients a chance to continue their everyday business without any volatility risks. 

The Lunar nepremičnine real estate agency, which is situated on the Slovenian picturesque coastline, implemented the ever-growing payment method into their real estate services and plans to further expand its offer in the future. When the broad crypto payments adoption becomes a reality, the progressive-thinking agency will have already mastered the art of crypto payments and enjoy a fundamental advantage over its competitors.

GoCrypto payment network

GoCrypto is a global crypto payment facilitator, present in 70 countries worldwide. The crypto payment network is available for physical and online stores. By supporting some of the major crypto wallets, like Binance Pay, Wallet and Elly Wallet, the network is servicing over 40 million crypto users from all over the world. Merchants can easily onboard the GoCrypto payment network and lead their business into the future of payments. 

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Introducing Crypto Payments Into Slovenian Real Estate
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