How to navigate the open alpha version of GoCrypto 2.0

Step-by-step tutorial

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How to navigate the open alpha version of GoCrypto 2.0

The open alpha version of the GoCrypto 2.0 decentralized payments protocol is now live! We welcome all crypto enthusiasts to try it out and experience how smart contract-driven payments will work in real life.

Access the GoCrypto dApp through the link and discover the future of payments. The open alpha version currently supports the Payments section. 

We also invite you to share your feedback, software bugs and discuss the dApp features through the following form.

Adding BSC Testnet to MetaMask

Before we start, make sure to add BSC Testnet to your MetaMask wallet. Open your Metamask, go to Networks, and add a custom network.

Use the following information to add BSC Testnet to your wallet:

Network Name: BSC Testnet


ChainID: 97

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

Adding test BNB and test GoC tokens for testing GoCrypto 2.0 payments

In order to test the new decentralized payments protocol you will first need to add test BNB coins and test GoC tokens to your MetaMask wallet. 

  • For test BNB coins, visit the following website: (Please note that this is a third-party solution and GoCrypto takes no liability for any of the services provided on the relevant website.)
  • For test GoC tokens, add the test GoC token address to your MetaMask wallet. Fill out the following form and you will receive 100 test GoC tokens to your MetaMask address shortly.

Test GoC token address: 0x5a9aE5C57f25b169F7292FC53CAdE38159da833D 

Creating a company account in GoCrypto dApp

  1. Choose Payments on the GoCrypto dApp home screen.

2. You will first need to create an account. Choose Web 3.0 login. Connect your MetaMask (make sure your MetaMask wallet is set to the BSC Testnet network).

3. First time users need to create a company profile. Choose the Add new company option. 

4. You are promped to choose an account type - currently only the Web 3.0 Login is enabled. Select Web 3.0 Login.

5. The GoCrypto 2.0 dApp currently works only on BNB Smart Chain Testnet. Select the testnet option from the drop-down list and confirm the selection.

6. Fill out the company profile information. Please note that this information is only relevant for the invoice generation and will not be shown anywhere else. 

If you already have a company profile created, it will be shown on the list in step 3.

7. Once you fill out the company profile information and click Submit, the protocol generates a smart contract linked to your company. The smart contract is activated once you confirm the transaction in your MetaMask wallet. 

Make sure to always review the transaction details before confirming the transaction.

8. After the transaction is successfully completed, your account is created and you can start issuing invoices. Click on Go to dashboard and get the first feel of the GoCrypto decentralized payments. 

Payments dashboard overview

Log in to dApp and open your company account.

The payments dashboard has several tabs: 

  • Home: The Home section shows the company’s total balance with the withdrawal option, the “Create a new invoice” window and the list of Recent payments.  
  • Invoices: The Invoices section displays the option to create new invoices and a list of created invoices.
  • Transaction history: The Transaction history section offers an overview of all processed transactions and can be filtered by date, amount and status or exported in the PDF format.
  • Withdrawals: The Withdrawal section displays an overview of all withdrawals and can be filtered by date, amount and status or exported in the PDF format.
  • Settings: In the Settings section, users can choose their preferred base currency and their settlement currency (currently only Euro and Tether (USDT) are available), or change their company information.

Issuing an invoice

You can create an invoice from the Home or Invoices section.

1. Enter the invoice amount, name and number. The customer email is optional. Please note that the open alpha version doesn’t support sending invoices over email.

Merchants can opt to use advanced parameters that support additional features linked to smart contracts.

Click Create invoice.

2. Your invoice is created. You can forward the invoice to your customer in one of the following ways: Payment link, QR code, or Invoice PDF (please note that the PDF option is not available yet).

Copy the payment link and send it to your customer or open the QR code for your customer to scan it.

Payment link

  1. You are now playing the role of the customer who has opened the payment link sent by the merchant. The email address field is optional, so you can decide if you want to share it or skip this step.
  1. Choose the MetaMask option, connect your MetaMask wallet, review the connection and confirm the connection.
  1. Choose your preferred currency. In open alpha version, you can only pay with the test GoC token. The future versions of GoCrypto 2.0 will support a wider range of currencies. 
  1. Approve the transaction.
  1. MetaMask will prompt you to confirm the transaction. Once confirmed, wait for the dApp confirmation.
  1. When the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain you receive the notification that the payment has been successful. 

Withdrawing funds

1. Go to the Home section and choose Withdraw.

2. Enter the amount you would like to withdraw and add the wallet address where you would like to receive the withdrawn funds. If you choose the Insert address from the smart contract option, your funds will be sent to the MetaMask wallet with which you are connected to the dApp. 

3. MetaMask window will prompt you to confirm smart contract interaction and allow access to funds (first withdrawal only).

4. After the transaction is confirmed, the dashboard will notify you that the withdrawal has been successfully completed. 

Sharing feedback

You have successfully tested the open alpha version of the GoCrypto 2.0 decentralized payments protocol. 

Please remember, this is just a taste of how decentralized payments will function in the near future. The protocol will integrate more chains, crypto wallets and cryptocurrencies enabling the users to pay with and be settled in any real-world asset. 

Payments are only one of the four larger services that the protocol will support. The Tokenomics, DAO and Bridge features are already in development and will soon be available for general use.

The GoCrypto team welcomes you to test the open alpha version of GoCrypto 2.0. You can share your feedback, ideas for improvement and discuss the protocol features through the following form. Every voice counts!

For the latest news on development follow our official Telegram channel

How to navigate the open alpha version of GoCrypto 2.0
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