How To Accept Cryptocurrency Payments And Beat Your Competition

Accepting crypto is easy, no matter how big or small your business is

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How To Accept Cryptocurrency Payments And Beat Your Competition

Accepting crypto is easy, no matter how big or small your business is. Are you ready to GoCrypto?

The world is getting digital and so is money. In the digital world, you can pay with classic currencies like US dollar or Euro; however, it is also possible to use alternative digital funds called cryptocurrencies. Transferring classic money is dated and has quite a few issues because it depends on centralized authorities like banks. Cryptocurrencies, however, don’t rely on a centralized system; the transactions are not confirmed by a central point, but by many computers in the crypto network all over the world. Therefore, cryptocurrencies are a payment method that can provide their users with a lot more flexibility.

Why accept crypto?

Due to a growing interest worldwide, cryptocurrencies are accepted by more and more merchants. There is actually not much to learn about how to accept cryptocurrency payments; you can easily make them part of your payment offer. GoCrypto enables you to accept crypto payments as easily as cash, cards or other digital payments.

There are 300 million crypto wallets used worldwide. The new generations are keen on using this new, alternative payment method no matter what they buy — and it can be anything from a cup of coffee or a taxi ride to a brand new car. Are you eager to be one of the first in your line of business to make a step forward? Start today.

What’s in it for you?

Before talking about how to accept cryptocurrency payments, let’s discuss why you should do it. Here are just a few advantages.

With the GoCrypto system for accepting crypto, you can choose whether you want to accept settlements in one of the supported cryptocurrencies or exchange them into your local currency. Accepting crypto settlements means you do not have to pay bank fees; the crypto settlements are transferred to your crypto account in the GoCrypto system and not your bank account. Every business owner knows that small fees can sum up to large amounts over time; partially getting rid of them can bring extra savings. Of course, you can also decide to receive settlements exchanged into your local currency into your bank account — like you always have.

Crypto customers are great spenders as a rule. Sounds good, right? They use mobile crypto wallets for payments, and there are a lot of mobile phones in the world. Make mobile users your customers, for crypto and other types of mobile payments. Cryptocurrencies are global, so crypto users do not have to exchange currencies when going abroad; merchants accepting crypto make shopping very practical for them.

With the right system, such as GoCrypto (provided as a stand-alone solution or a point-of-sale integration), transactions with cryptocurrencies are instant. There is no cryptocurrency knowledge necessary as you simply follow the instructions on the screen.

How to accept cryptocurrency payments?

The easiest way is for you to integrate a system like GoCrypto. GoCrypto enables you to accept payments with different crypto wallets and can easily be integrated into your existing payment solution. You can choose between several solutions, from webPOS, cash register or POS terminal integration for brick and mortar stores to plugins for all major eCommerce platforms. On the Merchant Dashboard, you can easily view all your payments and export the data for tax and accounting purposes.

POS payments

Are you wondering how to accept cryptocurrency payments for goods at fairs and local markets, on a food truck or for beauty services at your customers’ homes? GoCrypto solutions are ideal for field services and literally let you do business no matter where you are.

No business is too small to accept crypto. Offering new payment methods means keeping up with the needs and wishes of your customers. And that’s exactly what you need to make it big.

Would you like to find out more about the advantages of GoCrypto for your business? Contact us for a quote tailored to your company’s needs!

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How To Accept Cryptocurrency Payments And Beat Your Competition
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