How Do Merchants Integrate Crypto Payments Into Their Business?

Crypto payment integration is simple and fast

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How Do Merchants Integrate Crypto Payments Into Their Business?

Crypto payments may seem a daunting topic for many but merchants who decided to get their feet wet in this vast sea of cryptocurrencies can attest that crypto payment integration is simple and fast. With the right partner, that is.

Focused on the merchant experience

At GoCrypto, we put the merchant experience first. Our services cover the entire onboarding process, from overviewing the initial onboarding form and recommending the best solution to integrating the payment network and guiding users through the steps of production. On top of that, we offer full support to all of our merchants through numerous channels. So whether you are running a well-established store in the center of the city or have decided to open up an online shop, GoCrypto has you covered from the very beginning.

Hassle-free integration

Lunar nepremičnine was the first real estate business in Slovenia to integrate crypto payments into its business model. “The integration of the GoCrypto payment network was extremely simple,” stated Luka Grbac from the real estate agency. “The entire process was completely hassle-free. The GoCrypto team was very responsive and made sure that the execution was fast and streamlined.”

Merchant’s crypto knowledge differs from one case to another which is why we developed our network to suit users with all levels of crypto knowledge. Lunar nepremičnine was one of those businesses where the owners did their due diligence and did a thorough research of the crypto space and crypto payment providers. The owner explained they “believe that internal knowledge is of key importance when choosing new business strategies. Before selecting our crypto payment provider, we made sure that we understood all of the benefits such a partnership would have for our agency. For us, it wasn’t just about adding a new and trending payment method to our list of services — we really wanted to know how crypto payments will upgrade our business offer now and even more importantly in the future.

However, not all merchants have such in-depth knowledge of the crypto world. This doesn’t mean that they cannot benefit from the GoCrypto payment network. Both our physical and online store solutions are designed in a way that merchants can accept payments without having to learn all of the details from the world of cryptocurrencies. Our team guides the clients step-by-step and makes sure that the entire crypto payment experience is user-friendly.

Are crypto payments complicated?

There is a certain beauty behind our crypto payment network. Users can decide to use only the basic functions which means they process crypto transactions as they would do with any other card or digital payment. In cases where employees and business owners don’t want to dive deep into the crypto space, it’s best to select settlements in local currency. This means they accept all 50+ supported cryptocurrencies, but receive settlements directly converted into their local currency, i.e. USD or EUR. This is how they completely avoid any volatility risk connected to the crypto market.

Those who possess more advanced crypto knowledge can also opt for settlements in cryptocurrency which gives them the chance to manage their crypto portfolio as they see fit. Vlado Grbac and Luka Grbac from Lunar nepremičnine saw this bear market as an opportunity to integrate the GoCrypto network to prepare their business for the bullish period when the interest in crypto payments will increase exponentially. “If you understand the basics of the crypto market you can apply this knowledge to grow your future business,” explained Mr. Grbac.

What merchants fear the most

Upon deciding to integrate GoCrypto payments, Lunar nepremičnine real estate agency had some concerns regarding taxation and accounting matters. “Not only in Slovenia but on a global scale as well, crypto regulation is still in its early stages and has not yet covered all business-related questions. We were worried that we might encounter some issues connected to taxes and accounting, but GoCrypto took care of that as well. Their integration also covers the backend processes, including taxation and accounting,” stated the real estate representative. “However it is wise that each business owner understands the regulatory aspects of crypto payments because sooner or later clients will pose questions related to the topic. If you want to make a good impression and sell your service, you will want to know how to answer them. So far, we have been delighted with the GoCrypto team and services and we haven’t experienced any issues. What is more, the team has been very positive and responsive. We are happy that we did our own research and chose the best partner for the job.”

Solutions that suit everyone

GoCrypto is the global facilitator of crypto payments transforming businesses, projects, events, and even cities into crypto-friendly ecosystems. We offer a list of solutions that can be amended to suit individuals’ needs. This is the era of crypto adoption and we are well aware that everyone needs to follow their own pace. Our services can be used by crypto newbies and connoisseurs alike and we’re with them every step of the way. In the case of Lunar nepremičnine, it is our delight to cooperate with businessmen who share the same vision as us and are doing everything in their power to step into the new world of crypto payments — beating the competition one crypto transaction at a time.

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How Do Merchants Integrate Crypto Payments Into Their Business?
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