GoCrypto's Payments Network Spreads Globally

Global Crypto Adoption

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GoCrypto's Payments Network Spreads Globally

Welcome to the forefront of cutting-edge payment technology! GoCrypto, established in 2017, is revolutionizing the way businesses transact by spearheading the adoption of crypto payments. With a robust network of devices spanning over 70 countries, GoCrypto has redefined the payments landscape, allowing merchants to effortlessly embrace digital currencies in both physical and online stores.

Transforming Payments, One Country at a Time

Since its inception, GoCrypto has been dedicated to simplifying crypto payments for businesses globally. Our journey began with merchant onboarding, gradually evolving into an expansive infrastructure that empowers merchants to accept a diverse range of payment methods seamlessly. By collaborating with trusted partners, we have expanded our reach beyond imagination.

The GoCrypto software seamlessly integrates into various point-of-sale solutions, ranging from cash register systems, POS terminals, and mobile POS applications to e-commerce platforms and other customized point-of-sale services. Our high level of configurability provides us with a significant advantage, enabling us to tailor our services to a diverse array of clients and markets.

Switzerland: Pioneering Crypto Adoption in Lugano

In October 2022, GoCrypto made an impactful entrance into the Swiss market through a strategic partnership with the City of Lugano and Tether. By architecting a state-of-the-art crypto payments ecosystem, we transformed Lugano into a hub for crypto enthusiasts and businesses alike. Over 300 active locations now proudly offer Bitcoin on Lightning and on-chain Tether payments through our innovative POS terminals. 

After a successful introduction of crypto payment terminals, we have transitioned into the second phase, where we offer our existing and new merchants a holistic upgrade of our POS software. The holistic upgrade enables our merchants to accept card, digital, crypto, and BNPL payment methods from one POS terminal, which streamlines their workflow, brings in more revenue, and optimizes their transaction costs.

El Salvador: Lighting Up the Bitcoin Revolution

In 2023, GoCrypto proudly established its presence in El Salvador, actively championing the country's mission to integrate Bitcoin payments into mainstream transactions. We've embarked on a journey to onboard the first wave of merchants, while strategic collaborations with esteemed businesses pave the way for holistic services in the Salvadorian market. 

Benelux: Revolutionizing Payments with Done4You

Stepping into the Benelux market, GoCrypto has partnered with Belgian company Done4You. This collaboration has facilitated the widespread adoption of our holistic software among business giants like Horeca and Petrol. Our impact extends to unattended vending sites across Belgium, with nearly 500 sites embracing D4Y payments, and this is only the beginning. This solution is now spreading its wings in Luxembourg, transforming payment landscapes across diverse sectors.

Slovenia: Crypto-Friendly Revolution

In Europe's most crypto-friendly nation, Slovenia, the undeniable impact of GoCrypto is apparent. Our software is seamlessly integrated into over 2000 locations, enabling customers to transact using more than 70 cryptocurrencies. Through our esteemed partner, Lab4Pay, the Elly POS brand—an innovative white-label solution—has been embraced by prominent names within the country, and its adoption is rapidly accelerating at an unprecedented pace.

Global Reach, Universal Solutions

GoCrypto stands as a global beacon of innovation and progress in the crypto payments arena. Our expansive solutions span across 70+ countries, offering merchants the ability to accept diverse cryptocurrencies while settling transactions in their local currency. We are proud to lead the way in shaping the future of transactions, where the world is connected through seamless and secure payments.

GoCrypto personifies the future of payments – where possibilities are limitless and transactions are borderless. GoCrypto's global payments network is your gateway to a transformative world of blockchain-powered transactions.

Global crypto adoption powered by GoCrypto

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GoCrypto's Payments Network Spreads Globally
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