GoCrypto Unveils Next-Generation NFT Store, Powered by Smart Contracts and Decentralized Payments

Welcome to the GoCrypto NFT store

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GoCrypto Unveils Next-Generation NFT Store, Powered by Smart Contracts and Decentralized Payments

Welcome to the grand debut of the GoNFTstore! We want to introduce you to the world's first NFT store, driven entirely by smart contracts and a decentralized payments system. Apart from showcasing the boundless potential of blockchain technology, the GoCrypto NFT store offers an exceptional array of legendary, rare, and standard designs that can be transformed into real-life wearables and conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

To access the NFT store, you are required to connect your crypto wallet (such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet), as the entire system operates in a decentralized manner. Please ensure that your crypto wallet contains sufficient MATIC tokens, as the store operates on the Polygon chain, to cover any associated fees before venturing inside.

GoCrypto merch, basic material items and upgrade blocks

The new Web3 store offers a unique selection of GoCrypto merchandise and crypto-themed designs. Discover the new line of GoCrypto NFTs, including hoodies and T-shirts with standard, rare, and legendary designs. Be among the few to rock exclusive GoCrypto merchandise and show support for the brand. Customize a basic T-shirt or hoodie by upgrading it with NFT blocks to create your own unique item. This is just the beginning, as the store plans to expand and feature NFTs from other talented artists and designers, making it an essential Web3 platform.

Claim, Forge and Burn NFTs, powered by smart contracts

Visitors to the GoCrypto NFT store can freely explore captivating collections and claim their favorite pieces. Unleash your creativity by entering the Forge, where you can personalize your items with various upgrade blocks or uncover magical recipes for rare and legendary treasures.

Thanks to smart contracts, the entire process is decentralized, ensuring a secure and transparent experience. Once you've claimed your NFTs, witness the magic as they transform into unique designs and arrive at your doorstep as real-life wearables. It's a thrilling adventure waiting for you at the GoCrypto NFT store.

Decentralized payments protocol

Currently, the NFTs are priced symbolically at one euro to showcase the technology and allow visitors to explore the Forge. Visitors have the option to claim their desired NFTs using the GoC token or PayByLink (coming soon), which will support various cryptocurrencies such as USDT,  Bitcoin on Lightning, and many more. Additionally, the GoC token provides a 10% discount, adding further value to the token.

After claiming and customizing your selection, you can proceed to the burn section. When burning your digital item, you will be required to pay the final price in USDT. This price includes burning fees as well as the costs associated with producing real-life apparel and shipping it to you.

Backed by blockchain identity

As mentioned earlier, accessing the store simply requires the connection of your crypto wallet, without the need for any personal data. However, if you choose to burn your NFT to receive a real-life item, providing your personal information becomes necessary for the shipping process. This personal data, known as Identity, is securely stored on the blockchain within the NFT store.

Recipes, airdrops and exclusive NFTs

While the current collection at the store offers a limited selection of GoCrypto items and forgeable articles, exciting plans are underway to unveil a range of special items in the near future. Visitors will have the opportunity to mix and match these items, engaging in a delightful quest to discover the right recipes that yield rare and legendary products. These unique NFTs will hold tremendous value, bringing immense joy to their fortunate owners.

To mark special occasions, our team will perform airdrops of exclusive NFT ingredients essential for completing the recipes. Our esteemed followers and loyal supporters will be rewarded with these special NFTs, granting them access to legendary rewards. These rewards include exclusive merch, coveted tickets, and even the chance to partake in thrilling adventures alongside the GoCrypto team, among other exciting opportunities.

Visit the GoCrypto NFT store and experience the Web3 technology in all its glory.

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GoCrypto Unveils Next-Generation NFT Store, Powered by Smart Contracts and Decentralized Payments
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