GoCrypto Token Explained

A multi-chain utility token, integrated into all GoCrypto applications and services

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GoCrypto Token Explained

The GoCrypto (GoC) token has been developed by the GoCrypto team to support the progress of the GoCrypto payment network, which has already achieved the status of the fastest-growing crypto network in the world.

What is GoC?

The GoCrypto token is a multi-chain utility token issued on the Bitcoin Cash (SLP) blockchain, Smart Bitcoin Cash (smartBCH) chain, and the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), with Solana (SOL) and Avalanch (AVAX) soon to follow.

It is integrated into all GoCrypto applications and services and functions as a method of payment on the GoCrypto platform and in the GoCrypto loyalty program. This makes GoC a true utility token with wide usability.

Users of GoCrypto’s Elly Wallet can use the GoC token for shopping at local and online stores. In selected countries, they can receive a tokenback reward for every purchase they make. The GoCrypto team continues to broaden the utility of the GoC token and add value for merchants and users alike.

The evolution of the GoC token

In 2020, the GoC token was first issued on the Bitcoin Cash (SLP) chain due to its fast transaction speeds and low transaction fees. At the time the Bitcoin Cash chain proved to be the best suit for a token like GoC which is primarily used for payment purposes.

In September 2021, the GoC token expanded its reach to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The GoCrypto team decided on this step because the BSC was seen as one of the most popular chains on the market. On top of that, it was EVM compatible, which benefited the GoCrypto project in two ways:

  • All future tokenomic developments would be a lot easier.
  • The BSC chain already covered multiple dApps, which opened doors for the GoC token to be integrated into those dApps.

Three months later, the GoC token was issued on the smartBCH chain as well. Since the smartBCH chain is also EVM compatible, this expansion soon resulted in listings on a wide number of smartBCH Decentralized Exchanges. The GoC token strengthened its position even further by participating in many different Yield farms, which were set up by the relevant DEXes.

The GoC Bridge

The GoC token can be migrated between different chains through the GoC Bridge service.

This opened a brand new chapter in the GoC token utility. Forming new partnerships with crypto wallets became a lot easier and their integration into the GoCrypto Payment Network was optimized significantly. It also facilitated the GoC token’s path towards potential listings on new crypto exchanges.

In the future, GoC will be issued on Avalanche and Solana chains as well — further expanding the utility of the token.

GoC ID and Contract Addresses

  • GoC SLP

Token ID: 3f83fa9f168f01d68933ef5fdb77143b2376ba7bf3a78175258861982d90d500

  • GoC BSC

Contract Address: 0x4b85a666dec7c959e88b97814e46113601b07e57

  • GoC smartBCH

Contract Address: 0x4b85a666dec7c959e88b97814e46113601b07e57

Although GoC is issued on multiple blockchains simultaneously, this does not affect the total GoC supply. The total supply remains at 299,095,759 GoC, with no additional changes — no matter how many chain implementations the GoC token supports in the future.

Where to trade GoC?

GoC token Yield farms:

There are currently multiple GoC yield farms open on smartBCH allowing users to earn yield by providing liquidity in the GoC pair pools.

  • TangoSwap Yield farms

GoC/BCH Yield farm — rewards in TANGO
GoC/TANGO Yield farm — rewards in TANGO

  • BenSwap Yield farm

GoC/BCH Yield farm — rewards in EBEN

  • EmberSwap Yield farm

GoC/BCH Yield farm — rewards in EMBER

  • CowSwap Yield farm
  • GoC/BCH Yield farm — rewards in MILK

Follow GoC performance

You can follow the GoC price performance on Coinmarketcap.

Make sure to add it to your watchlist by clicking the star next to the token’s name. This way you will always stay up-to-date with its price performance.

Additionally, you can track the GoC token on CoinGecko, FTX signals, Vulkania, Crypto.com, and MarketCap.cash.

The future of GoC

There are a lot of developments planned for GoC in 2022. Here is a list of few:

  • Launch of GoC on Avalanche chain;
  • GoCrypto 2.0 launch;
  • Launch of GoC on Solana chain;
  • Listings on Avalanche and solana decentralized exchanges;
  • Development of Elly Vault;
  • Launch of the GoC NFT Lottery;
  • GoC LP staking system.

All of the future GoC developments can be seen on the GoCrypto public roadmap.

The project behind the GoC token

GoCrypto, the world’s fastest-growing crypto payment network, operates as a global payment scheme connecting crypto users, crypto wallets, crypto exchanges, cryptocurrencies, cash register system providers, payment solution providers, and merchants.

It enables merchants with local or online stores to accept instant crypto payments from different crypto wallets with millions of users and to receive a settlement in their local fiat or cryptocurrency.

GoCrypto is available as a stand-alone solution for online and offline stores, or as a solution within the Elly POS terminal, which also enables cards and digital payments.

The GoCrypto team

The GoCrypto team is building a payment network to help people get paid seamlessly. They strongly believe in building solutions where cryptocurrencies meet real life. Where merchants can set prices in their local currency as they always have, while enabling direct crypto payments to their customers and getting paid in their preferred currency. Everyone gets the best of both worlds, and the GoCrypto team is taking great care that this happens securely, instantly, and without hassle for any participant.

With unified payment protocols, the GoC team introduced a brand new practice in the world of global crypto payments. GoCrypto connects all stakeholders and technologies of the payment chain to enable their customers to pay with or accept cryptocurrencies.

The early team’s enthusiasm to use crypto on a daily basis has made GoCrypto the global facilitator of seamless and secure crypto payments.

GoCrypto is the elephant in the room — in the good sense of the word. They are building a payment network strong as an elephant, a payment solution friendly as an elephant, a business forthcoming and transparent as an elephant, and a company culture as open and grounded.

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GoCrypto Token Explained
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