GoCrypto Is Entering The Bloktopia Metaverse

GoCrypto will open its first metaverse offices in the 21 stories high virtual skyscraper, better known as Bloktopia.

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GoCrypto Is Entering The Bloktopia Metaverse

Metaverses are all the hype these days. And it swept us away as well. We are excited to set up GoCrypto’s first metaverse offices in the 21 stories high virtual skyscraper, better known as Bloktopia.  

Metaverse fuelled by crypto knowledge

Bloktopia focuses on four main pillars “Learn, Earn, Play and Create”, thus realizing a vision of a crypto hub where anyone can find relevant content regardless of their level of crypto knowledge. The virtual world will set the stage for world-leading crypto minds, real estate owners, advertisers, artists, and gamers engaging in business and social activities. According to their CEO, Ross Tavakoli, Bloktopia plans to fuse together “everything that anyone will ever need to know about Crypto.”

The early adopters came from the Bloktopia community and crypto partnerships. The project appeals to all “levels” of crypto enthusiasts, as they can absorb immersive content for users right from very beginners to blockchain and NFT experts. What is also exciting is that major brands, which aren’t primarily crypto-focused, have started to take notice of what Bloktopia is doing. The Bloktopia team welcomes this, as it opens the doors to an audience who may not be initially crypto-focused. For many, it paves the way into the crypto world, whilst also offering exciting content from real-world brands.

21 Million Bitcoin

The Bloktopia skyscraper paid its respect to the 21 Million Bitcoin by constructing its virtual reality into 21 stories, dedicated to networking, trading & staking, DeFi, DEX and CEX, influencers, NFTs, IDO, gaming, market analysis, dev, and more. Bloktopians will be able to earn revenue through real estate ownership, advertising, gaming, and more.

Level One will be the entry into the virtual space, offering cryptocurrency pricing information, a helpdesk, a navigation area, and more. It is where prominent retail brands will feature their high-class virtual headquarters and showcase their very best content. Higher up, the auditorium will be hosting key events, while the luxury penthouse on the 21st floor will be dedicated to gaming.

The Bloktopia team is currently focusing on the shopping mall aspect of Bloktopia, progressing well on their roadmap. They have some very exciting plans in store for the other levels of Bloktopia, but are not revealing them just yet. What is known is that their four key pillars “Learn, Earn, Play and Create” will be present on the upper floors as well.

Why Bloktopia?

As more and more metaverse projects are starting to rise out of the virtual ground, one has to ask themselves, which one will blossom in the long run.

“There are some fantastic established metaverse projects out there really, which we have a lot of respect for,” explained the Bloktopia team. “We don’t think there is anyone or anything out there quite like us. We felt like there was a gap in the market for Bloktopia to be the home of crypto, with our mission to contain everything that anyone will ever need to know about Cryptocurrency and NFTs.” They focused on bringing in the biggest and best brands in the crypto space, like Binance, Solana, Animoca Brands, Tron, KuCoin, Algorand, and Chainlink. They have also brought in key crypto influencers, such as BitBoy and Jake Paul, along with credited educational content from University College London’s blockchain center. The list of prominent names clearly shows that Bloktopia intends to gather the best of the best in their virtual crypto home.

GoCrypto in Bloktopia

GoCrypto believes in the Bloktopia team, their project, and its contribution to the world of crypto. This is why we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to set our offices in the virtual skyscraper. GoCrypto will be situated on the 3rd floor, lot 44, showcasing GoCrypto products and hosting community events. As Bloktopia evolves, we will integrate more advanced features, such as merchant onboarding, GoC token trading & staking and more.

If all goes to plan, the first Bloktopians will be able to enter GoCrypto virtual offices in Q4.

Join us in Bloktopia

In 2020 the metaverse was valued at over $40 billion. Experts are estimating the number could reach $800 billion by 2024 and from $10 to $30 trillion in the next 10 to 15 years. All of this is only speculation, but the current hype around virtual land, real estate, or any other virtual asset ownership seems justified.

The overall excitement around Web3 and metaverses makes creating metaverse a thrilling task. “With a metaverse, you’re not confined to rules of bricks & mortar stores, planning permissions, limited floor space, etc.” stated the Bloktopia team. “We’ve really been able to expand our creative thinking and start building what our community needs.”

Our GoCrypto team couldn’t agree more with them as we too share deep appreciation and love for our community. We want to make sure our supporters receive the best of both worlds – real-life and metaverse alike. We are excited to welcome you into our Bloktopian offices soon where you’ll be able to experience an unprecedented VR experience, bringing crypto users together all in one immersive and engaging environment.

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GoCrypto Is Entering The Bloktopia Metaverse
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