GoCrypto brings seamless Bitcoin payments to El Salvador

GoCrypto in El Salvador

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GoCrypto brings seamless Bitcoin payments to El Salvador

El Salvador's Bitcoin revolution has taken the world by storm, as the country pioneers the adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender. At the forefront of this transformative movement is GoCrypto, which offers a comprehensive point-of-sale (POS) terminal designed to facilitate seamless Bitcoin and card payments. With a dedicated presence in El Salvador, GoCrypto's state-of-the-art POS device supports Bitcoin, Tether (USDT), and card transactions, aligning perfectly with the nation's vision for financial empowerment. Leveraging our expertise from global ventures, including the renowned Bitcoin City in Lugano, Switzerland, GoCrypto is poised to revolutionize the payment landscape in El Salvador.

Seamless Bitcoin and Card Payments

GoCrypto's tested and proven POS terminal seamlessly integrates Bitcoin and card payment functionalities. By supporting Bitcoin transactions on the Lightning Network, merchants can offer customers lightning-fast, secure, and cost-effective payments. Furthermore, the integration of Tether (USDT), the largest stablecoin globally, ensures stability and ease of use. With GoCrypto's POS device, businesses have a single, versatile solution to process both Bitcoin and card transactions, streamlining their operations and enhancing customer experiences.

GoCrypto's Presence in El Salvador

GoCrypto has firmly established its presence in El Salvador, registering the company and assembling a dedicated team to drive adoption. Through strategic partnerships with local players and industry experts, we enhance our POS terminal with valuable insights and expertise. Our trusted partner, Miha Culiberg, leads our efforts in the LATAM market, leveraging his success with the white-labeled POS solution, Elly POS, in Slovenia.

“At GoCrypto, we believe in sustainable business practices that give back to society. Financial inclusion in unbanked countries, like El Salvador, is crucial for long-term prosperity and economic growth. By offering a reliable solution that combines traditional digital payments with Bitcoin acceptance through GoCrypto, we empower small businesses and consumers to join a global digital payments ecosystem. Our project aligns with the El Salvadoran government's efforts in financial education and inclusion so we firmly believe in its success benefiting individuals and the country alike.” -- Miha Culiberg, GoCrypto’s Head of LATAM

Onboarding Merchants Nationwide

GoCrypto is actively onboarding merchants across El Salvador, ensuring widespread adoption of our POS terminal. We are committed to equipping every physical and online store in the country with our comprehensive payment solution, empowering businesses of all sizes to embrace the future of digital payments. By embracing Bitcoin, card payments, and Tether, merchants can unlock new opportunities and benefit from increased customer satisfaction.

"We have been closely following El Salvador's remarkable journey towards establishing a Bitcoin-based financial system and we are truly inspired by their dedication and hard work. It is a privilege for GoCrypto to offer our support, technology, and expertise to accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin payments in the country. We are excited to have our valued partner, Miha Culiberg, and his team on-site, engaging with local partners and businesses, and sharing their deep knowledge of both traditional and future payment systems. Together, we are committed to promoting financial inclusion and empowering individuals and businesses through user-friendly and secure Bitcoin payment solutions." -- Dejan Roljić, CEO of GoCrypto

Leveraging Global Expertise

Drawing from our experience in diverse markets, including the renowned Bitcoin City in Lugano, Switzerland, GoCrypto is well-equipped to support El Salvador's Bitcoin revolution. We bring global expertise and knowledge to enhance the adoption of Bitcoin in the country, driving economic growth and financial empowerment. With our POS terminal, El Salvador can lead the way in embracing digital currencies, revolutionizing payment systems, and positioning itself as a global hub for innovation. Together, we will drive the transformation of El Salvador into a Bitcoin-powered nation, fostering economic growth and financial inclusivity.

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GoCrypto brings seamless Bitcoin payments to El Salvador
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