GoCrypto and Global Payments s.r.o. empower businesses in Czechia to offer crypto as a way for customers to pay

GoCrypto and Global Payments s.r.o

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GoCrypto and Global Payments s.r.o. empower businesses in Czechia to offer crypto as a way for customers to pay

Cryptocurrency continues to generate strong interest from customers and businesses, providing a decentralized and secure method of conducting transactions. In the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic has taken a leap forward by embracing crypto payments on a national scale. This achievement has been made possible through a collaboration of GoCrypto and Global Payments s.r.o., a joint venture between Global Payments, Caixa Bank, and Erste Group, bringing forth a new era of financial possibilities for businesses across the country.

In this blog post, we will explore how GoCrypto, together with Global Payments s.r.o., empowers Czech businesses to effortlessly integrate crypto payments into their platforms, offering crypto as another way for consumers to pay.  

The Rise of Crypto Payments in Prague

Prague has emerged as a hotbed for crypto innovation, with notable milestones showcasing the city's commitment to cutting-edge technologies. One significant achievement was the introduction of the first historical tram that accepts crypto, as reported by Prague Morning. The Tourist Tram Circuit Line 42, a popular attraction in Prague, offers visitors a unique way to experience the city's rich history and culture. In an exciting development, GoCrypto has facilitated the integration of crypto payments along this tram route. Thanks to Global Payments s.r.o.'s GP Tom software, which integrated GoCrypto, businesses along the tourist tram circuit can effortlessly accept cryptocurrency payments.

"The cooperation between GoCrypto and Global Payments brings merchants a unique solution for daily business challenges. Thanks to GP tom application they can accept crypto, card, or cash payments directly though their own mobile phone - they don't need any additional devices. Making payments easy and to be crypto enabled is crucial as well as bringing innovation to our merchants. We were impressed by what GoCrypto did in Slovenia and we wanted the same innovation for our merchants in all countries."
Radovan Bryx, Head of Product Management of Global Payments

Empowering Czech Businesses

GoCrypto's partnership with Global Payments s.r.o., as highlighted by Bloomberg, has been a game-changer for Czech businesses. This collaboration has empowered businesses of all sizes to embrace cryptocurrencies as a payment option, expanding their customer base and reaching a global audience. The GP Tom app, developed by Global Payments, has garnered multiple awards for its exceptional capabilities in turning smartphones into user-friendly payment terminals. With a wide range of services tailored to businesses, the app simplifies the integration of crypto payments, enabling merchants to enhance their financial capabilities and offerings.

"Together with Global Payments s.r.o., we empower businesses to delve into the world of crypto payments and excel as leaders in European innovation. This partnership is a remarkable match, merging Global Payments s.r.o.’s expansive global commerce ecosystem with our cutting-edge crypto payment infrastructure. Together, we can push boundaries and achieve greater success."
Dejan Roljič, CEO of GoCrypto

GoCrypto's Vision for the Czech Republic

Building on their success in Slovenia and Ljubljana, GoCrypto aims to replicate their achievements and establish the Czech Republic as one of the most sought-after crypto-friendly destinations. As reported by Forbes, Slovenia has already gained recognition for its crypto-friendly approach, largely due to GoCrypto's efforts. By enabling all Czech merchants to accept crypto payments, both in-store and online, instantly, GoCrypto paves the way for a new era of financial transactions in the country. This strategic move not only caters to the growing number of crypto holders in the Czech Republic but also positions local businesses at the forefront of innovative payment methods.

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GoCrypto and Global Payments s.r.o. empower businesses in Czechia to offer crypto as a way for customers to pay
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