GoC token is coming to Polygon

Important strategic step for GoCrypto

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GoC token is coming to Polygon

This important strategic step will create new development opportunities and improve token’s utility. 

In addition to Polygon, the GoC token is already issued on BSC, smartBCH and SLP chains. Users will be able to bridge their GoC tokens via the GoC Bridge. The newly added Polygon chain will not affect the total GoC supply in any way, meaning that the total supply remains at 299,095,759 GoC.

Polygon is one of the most popular Ethereum scaling solutions tackling Ethereum’s high gas fee and throughput issues and at the same time increasing security, efficiency and usefulness.

What is GoC Bridge?

GoC Bridge is a service that allows fast and secure bi-directional swaps of the GoCrypto (GoC) token between the SLP protocol on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain (BCH), BNB Smart Chain (BSC), Smart Bitcoin Cash chain (smartBCH) and soon Polygon (MATIC).

To start using our multi-chain bridge and to learn more about how it works, visit the GoC Bridge website.

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GoC token is coming to Polygon
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