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Hurricane GoCrypto warnings issued for the Caribbean islands!

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Eligma Progress Report

I know you all want CEX and there will be a listing on Tier 1 centralized exchange extremely soon. The process to list on exchange takes a lot of time… AML checks, and legal explanations — especially if your token is connected to real-life payments — and uses the highest level of tokenomics / instant liquidity / buying anything with it. Soon as weeks.

Before we dig into the news in front of you, keep one thing in mind. The only way for GoC to go up and become one of the TOP 100 currencies is to have out-of-this-world tokenomics and global projects that prove the use of the technology, product, or token. Even Margot Robbie can’t help us.

Everyone who understands crypto will know how big is the news connected to the Caribbean…

Transformation of the financial industry begins in the Caribbean!

Since the beginning, our mission has been to revolutionize the payments landscape and promote the decentralization of financial services. With that in mind, we have been evolving both our products and our approaches. Today we can reveal to you that the next step of evolution is already in motion in the islands of the Caribbean sea. We first set foot on these islands back in 2020 when we started to spread our GoCrypto terminals in Antigua. We used this time to gain knowledge of the specific ecosystem which is present on those islands.

Local population

Banking is a big problem for the local population because there are many unbanked people as it is very difficult to open a bank account there. They are also facing high costs associated with owning a bank account and high transaction costs especially when sending or receiving the money to/from abroad. In addition to this, they go through a lot of hassle when they want to either deposit or withdraw money at the bank. We have talked with people who were explaining to us that they need to take a vacation day when they are going to the bank as waiting lines outside the banks are enormous and we have seen firsthand those lines outside the banks.


The Caribbean islands are known for their beautiful beaches, good food and are all in all one of the top tourist destinations in the world. People from all over the world are flying to the island and there has been a high influx of crypto enthusiasts roaming on the islands.

GoCrypto on the islands

With all of the above facts and crypto-friendly regulation, it is obvious that the Caribbeans are the perfect ground for utilization of crypto payments and decentralized finance in general. We have partnered with local partners with whom we will be introducing a solution that will serve all the islands where the official currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD).

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In the beginning we will be placing a holistic POS solution that will be able to process card payments and crypto payments on the same terminal. This will be the first phase where crypto payments will walk side by side with card payments and will serve to build our infrastructure on the island. While the infrastructure will be growing, we will be introducing the first version of the so-called crypto scheme, where people will be able to pay from their decentralized wallets in any currency they select to any merchant no matter what the merchant’s preferred currency will be. Through our partnerships we have come to a point where this is actually a reality and the Caribbean islands are the perfect pilot grounds for it.

Infrastructure built in the Caribbeans will also enable unbanked population access to funds other than cash as well as serve as a vehicle for remittances with countries abroad.

GoCrypto in the Caribbeans will be the enabler of the Finances 3.0 and with that will be laying down foundations for disruption of the payments and P2P money transfers globally.

We really mean business!
We have established a company in St. Kitts and Nevis for this purpose and have already filed for a crypto license which will be the first of its kind in the Caribbean.

GoCrypto officially in Switzerland

Since we are not planning to leave the beautiful Swiss country any time soon, we incorporated our company in Switzerland this week. We are proud to announce that our presence in the Swiss market is now even stronger and we will continue our expansion in Ticino and the entire Swiss region.

This advanced-thinking country has always played one of the leading roles when it comes to the world of finances and we are humbled to be a part of their journey, serving all our clients in Switzerland, and driving crypto adoption in the heart of Europe.

Lugano, Lisbon and St. Kitts

In the upcoming weeks, our team will attend some of the most notable crypto events of 2022. And since we are blessed with the best community in the whole wide world, we want to invite you to join us and see our team in action.

  • Plan ₿ Forum, Lugano, Switzerland, October 28–29

Mark October 28th-29th on your calendars for Lugano is hosting the biggest event of the season!

At the end of this month, the Swiss city of Lugano will transform into a crypto hotspot, welcoming the biggest and the brightest leaders, technologists, and entrepreneurs from all over the globe at the Plan ₿ Forum. The topic at hand: crypto payments adoption and the aspect of economical, financial, and personal freedom that comes with it.

Our team will play an essential role in this story, not only by powering the very foundation of the crypto payments infrastructure in this mondaine Swiss city but also as the Platinum Sponsor of the Plan ₿ Forum. In the fabulous Villa Ciani, where the highly anticipated guest speakers will share their thoughts and insights, GoCrypto will offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience, showcasing our range of products. From real-time crypto payments through the Bitfinex Pay POS terminal to crypto donations through Truhoma’s platform, our team will be revealing to the world the true power and scalability of our crypto payment infrastructure.

The show would not be complete without our CEO, Dejan Roljić, taking the stage and sharing GoCrypto’s vision of the future.

Meet us at Plan ₿ Forum on October 27th and 28th and be among the first to experience the most advanced Bitcoin City in Europe. Tickets are limited.

  • Web Summit, Lisbon, Portugal, November 1–4

The ultimate idea catalyst, hosting more than 70,000 visionary minds in one arena!

From November 1–4, our GoCrypto team will be joining Web Summit, the largest technology conference in the world. This unique venue will engage tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, corporate leaders, technology experts, and other individuals aspiring to redefine the tech industry.

On November 3rd, visitors will be able to join us at the Growth Exhibition Area at Altice Arena & Fil, where our GoCrypto team will be displaying the most technologically advanced crypto and holistic payment solutions in the world. The booth will also feature our unique projects, developing and implementing customized and personalized enterprise DLT/Blockchain solutions for all industries.

We are ecstatic to be a part of the unique atmosphere, which the global media phenomenally described as “the world’s premier tech conference” (Politico), “where the future goes to be born” (Atlantic), and “a grand conclave of the tech industry’s high priests” (New York Times).

  • BitcoinCash 22, St. Kitts and Nevis, November 12–13

The Bitcoin Cash Community is designing an unforgettable experience, called BitcoinCash 22, which will put the Caribbean islands on the map of crypto space and push crypto adoption to the next level. On November 12–13, the tropical destination will host a number of renowned speakers from the world of crypto and blockchain, including our own Dejan Roljić.

The GoCrypto team will be presenting our GoCrypto POS solution, that will bring the Caribbean people the chance to accept crypto payments and get settler in their local currency — a complete novelty and business improvement for their merchants.

GoCrypto and Binance conquering the world of events

Our team once again joined forces with Binance and transformed Romanian largest ticketing platform, Entertix, into a crypto-friendly zone. From now on, visitors can purchase tickets for thousands of concerts, sports or cultural events with over 50+ cryptocurrencies! Cryptocurrency payments are powered by our GoCrypto gateway, enabling Entertix to perform instant and seamless crypto transactions with three supported crypto wallets: Binance Pay, Bitcoin.com Wallet, and Elly Wallet.

Instant and secure crypto payments available online 24/7 for some of the biggest events in Europe. That’s crypto adoption 101!

GoCrypto going omnipresent

After announcing our first metaverse offices in Bloktopia, we are excited to add our partner’s Ariva Wonderland to the list of GoCrypto’s meta-locations.

The design of our Blocktopian offices is already in motion and should be close to completion.

Our recently released teaser of GoCrypto in Ariva Wonderland revealed that we will be sharing the metaverse wonderland with multiple prominent global players. Our 6x6 land (732, 456) will serve as an additional platform to showcase our products as well as our payment and token-related services. We are also looking forward to Ariva Wonderland’s creator which will give us that special edge to build extraordinary features within their amazing metaverse.

Can’t wait to welcome you to our virtual offices that will make GoCrypto truly omnipresent!

Ending the year 2022 in style. Decentralized, that is!

One of our greatest endeavors is for sure GoCrypto 2.0 v. 1 and we are happy to reveal that its debut is just around the corner.

With GoCrypto 2.0, merchants will be able to accept almost any form of payment and get paid in the cryptocurrency they like without having to deal with a central authority. To enable automatic processing of the payments and their various steps, such as accepting payments, routing, and swapping funds, collecting fees, settling to a cryptocurrency address, or executing smart contracts, etc., the solution would, at its core, use blockchains that support smart contracts. It will also be possible to link third-party bridges to interface with blockchains that don’t allow smart contracts and even legacy payments like cards and digital wallets.

We are proudly announcing that GoCrypto 2.0 v. 1 will be live at the end of this year, and it will include:

  • GoCrypto 2.0 landing page: the hub to all GoCrypto 2.0 related information, such as GoCrypto Pay dAPP, GoDAO, GoBridge, and Tokenomic;
  • GoCrypto Pay: automatic payment processing, covering payment acceptance, routing and swapping of funds, fee collection, settlements to a cryptocurrency address, or execution of smart contracts;
  • GoDAO: enabling our users to set up their own Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) with customizable features;
  • Tokenomics: placing the GoC token and its utility into the center of GoCrypto 2.0. The staking and distribution solution will be built on NFTs, creating a transferable and liquid asset from the staked GoC token.

This is just a taste of what’s coming your way. We’ll get more technical soon, you can count on it.

GoCtober is not over yet!

We hope that the October 20th news was worth waiting for. We invested a lot of time and hard work to make it all happen. But don’t get too comfortable just yet, because GoCtober isn’t over… we still have a good week ahead of us and will make sure to make it interesting for you until the very end.

Let us conclude this lovely Thursday afternoon by thanking you, the GoCrypto Community, for all your love, support, and dedication. We could not have done it without you!

Yours truly,

GoCrypto team

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Eligma Progress Report
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