‍Bringing Crypto To The Heart Of Europe‍

GoCrypto at Lugano’s Plan ₿ Forum

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‍Bringing Crypto To The Heart Of Europe‍
What an event! Lugano’s Plan ₿ Forum will surely go down in crypto history as an important stepping stone in global crypto adoption. This October weekend was marked by amazing speeches, discussions and ideas from inspiring global leaders, technologists, and entrepreneurs.

The Plan ₿ Forum, Oct 28th-29th, was spread across multiple venues, each one offering its own experience of the world of crypto payments. The Convention Centre set the stage for unique dialogue through keynote speeches, interviews and panel discussions. The beautiful museum in Villa Ciani was transformed into a Bitcoin Art Gallery and crypto product exhibition, the outside court pampered guests with some Bitcoin pizza and the Ex-Asilo Ciani villa offered a sanctuary for business talks and workshops. 

Showcasing the GoCrypto product line

The visitors of the Forum were in for a special treat. As the Platinum Sponsor, we created a real-life experience of our infrastructure that transformed Lugano and numerous other locations into advanced crypto hubs. 

Participants were able to see the entire GoCrypto product line, including the point-of-sale solutions used in Porto, UK, and Slovenia; Web POS, the GP tom Soft POS, EPOS integration, Crypto Exchange POS, GoCrypto eCommerce and others. The story would not be complete without displaying our supporting analytical tool, Manager 2.0

Real-time crypto payments, donations and prizes

We transformed a part of our exhibition room into a tiny marketplace called Crypto Shopping Corner where visitors were able to buy refreshments and pay for them with cryptocurrency. A GoCrypto shopping basket filled with up to three items was priced at 1 CHF. 

All proceedings were donated to families in need in the form of care packages through the Truhoma platform. The blockchain-based philanthropic agency is one of our dearest partners and accepts donations in cryptocurrencies through our GoCrypto eCommerce solution. We were extremely proud to host them at the Plan ₿ Forum and showcase the power of their 100% transparent, traceable and efficient services setting a new standard in the world of philanthropy. 

To top it off, all our “customers” got the chance to participate in a GoCrypto raffle to win amazing prizes - an electric scooter and a PlayStation 5. All they needed to do was to put their purchase confirmation slip inside the prize box and cross their fingers. 

Crypto pizza

Yes - you read it right - and no - we are not talking about the first bitcoin spent on pizza… the Lugano event hosted a true pizza master who prepared an open-air culinary show for their visitors. The venue was equipped with our POS terminals and all guests were able to pay for their coffee, beer and pizza with crypto. 

Dejan Roljić at the WAGMI stage

At the Convention Centre, visitors were blown away by numerous insightful speeches, including our CEO’s panel discussion on Crypto payments in commerce. Dejan Roljić talked about the personal, financial, and business freedom that cryptocurrency payments empower. He emphasized that crypto represents a life-saving solution in today’s world of skyrocketing inflation. His words were greeted with approval and excitement as many in the audience shared Dejan’s vision. 

Plan ₿ - a plan that works

The Plan ₿ partners delivered an amazing experience of crypto payments in everyday life. Workshops, masterclasses, exhibitions, speeches, catering and so much more all focused on mainstream crypto adoption. 

Our team was on fire, showing local and foreign guests how easy and secure crypto payment integration can be when you choose GoCrypto as a partner. Visitors were celebrating our solutions, describing them as brilliant and easy to use. We met with many potential business partners and we are excited about all future collaborations.

The City of Lugano made a bold statement with the Plan ₿ initiative and we commend them for their fierce step toward becoming the most advanced Bitcoin City in the world! Already working on the next one… 

Plan ₿ initiative

Plan ₿ Foundation, a joint initiative between the City of Lugano and Tether, partnered with GoCrypto to officially bring Bitcoin, Tether and LVGA payments to the Swiss city of Lugano.

We successfully set up a user-friendly blockchain-based infrastructure that supports crypto payments on all city levels, from small and medium-sized merchants to larger companies and even public services, including more than 200 shops and businesses in the area.

GoCrypto payments are already available at a couple dozen merchants throughout the city, including McDonalds, art galleries. casino and more. Citizens can easily make payments in USD₮, Bitcoin Lightning and LVGA, using their wallets. Over the course of the next few weeks the city seeks to enable even more businesses to accept crypto payments, aiming at the overall number of 2500 merchants.

This will open the city up to new local and foreign visitors, attract crypto investors and innovative crypto projects while giving local merchants access to a wide new customer base of more than 300M crypto users from all over the world.

About Truhoma

Truhoma (true and honest mankind) is a non-profit organization founded by Ana Lukner Roljić, who also founded Ana's Little Star. Truhoma specializes in developing innovative technologies to infuse philanthropy with 100% transparency, traceability and efficiency. One of the key product features is the Donation Tracker on the blockchain, where anyone can track donations from initial donation payment to the actual delivery confirmation.

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‍Bringing Crypto To The Heart Of Europe‍
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