Benelux, we are here! Done4You and GoCrypto are starting a payment revolution in the heart of Europe

Holistic payments in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg

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Benelux, we are here! Done4You and GoCrypto are starting a payment revolution in the heart of Europe

In the world of payments, there are those who stick to tried and true methods, and there are those who dare to innovate and dream big. These forward-thinking individuals envision new technologies and streamlined approaches to revolutionize their industry. Enter GoCrypto and Done4You, two pioneers whose paths have crossed to create a holistic approach to payments. GoCrypto is leading the charge in building a payment infrastructure that supports cards, digital, and cryptocurrency transactions, constructing Bitcoin Cities across the globe, while Done4You brings extensive experience in international payment groups, ETA certification, and expertise in the entire payment value chain. This is the story of how these two companies are changing the game and setting the foundation for the future of payments.

The Belgian Pioneer Done4You

Pascal Libert, founder and managing director of Done4You, leveraged his 20+ years of experience in the merchant services value chain and ETA CPP certification to recognize the importance of empowering merchants to innovate quickly and meet their customers' needs. He held strategic, business development, and management positions at Mastercard, Worldline, Elavon, and Western Union across Europe. Pascal played a key role in the initial deployment of contactless cards, digital meal vouchers, and the global expansion of Worldline Merchant Services in the CEE region. Certified by ETA, the Done4You team of payment experts specializes in the entire payment value chain. They identify problems, offer solutions, and provide value-added services that reduce costs and increase income while remaining neutral and objective, guaranteeing customers' independence from commission-based solutions or suppliers.

Revolutionizing payments in Benelux

According to the Benelux retail 2025 report, the retail sector in Benelux is undergoing a transformation towards mobile internet and the Internet of Things (IoT), leading to a shift in consumer expectations and behaviors. More than half of Benelux shoppers now mix online and in-store experiences, with "Phy-gital shoppers" accessing digital information from their smartphones while in brick-and-mortar stores. Retailers must address the needs of these consumers to gain and retain customers and increase revenues per customer. Despite this, many retailers struggle to make appropriate investments and provide features that shoppers expect. 

To help merchants stay ahead of the game, Done4You has teamed up with GoCrypto to develop cutting-edge agnostic hardware and acquiring point-of-sale solution that supports multiple payment methods, including card, digital (QR Code payment, BNPL, Tax-Free Solution, …), and cryptocurrency payments, from one device. 

This innovative payment service provides an exceptional customer experience, streamlines the payment process, and creates a more inclusive payment environment. It also offers a wide range of use cases and value-added services that merchants can integrate into their payment offers, such as tipping and charitable donations. 

The Done4You solution is hardware-agnostic, making it easily integrable into any existing hardware, including POS terminals, mobile devices, cash registers, or eCommerce platforms. Merchants get free access to the online Manager dashboard tool where they can overview and manage all their transactions and access reports for accounting purposes. The solution is set to revolutionize the payment landscape in the Benelux region and will be launched from June 2023 first in Belgium and Luxembourg, with the Netherlands joining later on.

Card, digital, and crypto payments

The PoS solution will first take the form of a smart POS terminal that supports multiple payment methods, including card and digital payments, with cryptocurrency payments, powered by GoCrypto, to be added later on. 

Although cryptocurrency payments are not yet supported by Belgian legislation, Done4You's founder is a big believer in financial freedom and is confident that with the recent approval of MiCA, cryptocurrency payments will be legalized in Belgium within 18 months. As Pascal Libert aptly stated, "The technology is already there, we just need to wait for the regulation."

Disrupting the payments industry

Done4You and GoCrypto are at the forefront of innovation in the payments industry, leading the charge toward a comprehensive, streamlined, and inclusive payment landscape. These two companies dare to dream big, envisioning a future where payment transactions are seamless, combining card, digital, and cryptocurrency payments into one intelligent device. This is just the beginning of their story, and the future is bright for those who make their innovative dreams a reality.

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Benelux, we are here! Done4You and GoCrypto are starting a payment revolution in the heart of Europe
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